Apr 1, 2009

Letter to the President

In the interest of full disclosure we here at the PMS Project will be posting the letters we have composed and sent to our leaders in Washington. This is one that I wrote a couple of days ago, under the news that Geithner will be asking for the authority to control wages. These days the government is out of control, and that bit of news sent me over the edge and into a rant, this is the result of that exercise.

Dear Mr. President,

Greetings from Alabama! I am a college student; it’s only in the last three years that I have taken a serious interest in what the government does. I have to say the previous administration disappointed me greatly, but Sir, your administration is making my faith in our government seriously waver. In your first 75 days in office you have already transformed the nation into something that will soon be unrecognizable. I find this despicable. I fell in love with this nation in history class when it dawned on me that for all of our faults and bumps in the road we still managed to be the greatest country on earth. I never wanted to live anywhere but here; that is, until now.

I am sure you have heard the phrase, “As easy as stealing candy from a baby.” Your budget, to me, does just this. You are stealing money that hasn’t even been earned yet from future generations while claiming to make life better for them. Your budget would enslave my children and grandchildren to your debt. I firmly believe this kind of budget is unconstitutional --- though your dismissal of our amazing and in some ways miraculous constitution makes me believe you don’t really care about that at all. It is becoming more and more apparent that the only real reason you specialized in constitutional law is so that you would know how to get around it and manipulate it even better. I find this kind of character loathsome in a man of your office.

Furthermore, your penchant for pushing through massive legislation that spends billions upon billions of dollars before anyone has a chance to read the entire bill is unquestionably unconstitutional. Not to mention it is a practice that ensures the public has no idea of what you are trying to do. Sir, this is beyond contemptible. Our elected officials are supposed to represent us, and in effect the citizens are supposed to be the superiors of the government. I realize that you have no real private sector experience and that fact may well contribute to your ignorance of how real business life works, but in the real America if you do something that completely changes a business without the permission of the owner of that business, you get fired and then sued. How can you in good conscience take the faith the voters (misled and foolish as they may be) that voted for you and twist that around in such a way?

I know you have immensely important things to do, what with your constant attacks on the people who question you and your guiding the unwaveringly faithful media in the direction of the fake news. But Sir, I do not see how the bonuses at AIG are at all illegal. If someone could cite the law that is violated, please? The people who were at fault for the problems at AIG are long gone! The people you are demonizing now are the people that were brought in to fix the problems --- they agreed to work for $1.00 a year, WITH the understanding that they would be compensated later on in the form of bonuses. That is not outrageous. What is offensive and highly dishonorable is your continual efforts to find a scapegoat for the things that are your fault and the fault of your cronies in Washington. Sir, it is very easy to look up who wrote the language of the contracts that included the bonuses. It was the people on YOUR staff. I am sorry, Sir, but you are a ridiculous parody of the kind of man that we need as president in these troubled times.

The most encouraging thing that I have seen recently is the breakout of Tea Parties all over the country. There are 4 planned in my great state alone. This helps me to remember that people are wising up, and it helps me to remember that your reign of terror may soon be over. I can not express how happy I am about that fact. I believe that if you had any semblance of honor and integrity you would step down from the post you won with lies and doubletalk.


Rachel (last name omitted)

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