Aug 30, 2011

Untitled Thought

My enjoyment of the Highlander series is tempered by the knowledge that it inspired a fair few pretentious gits to claim to be Scottish and collect swords for pretentious-git purposes (as opposed to collecting them because swords are cool, which is separate from collecting them because you want to swear up and down that the jewelry you got at Spencer’s and the blades you bought at a flea market are mystical). Similar things have happened with Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.
I've come to the conclusion that basing a major life philosophy or the bulk of your religion on fantasy movies is like saying that ill-thought-out beliefs are a competition, and by God you're going to beat EVERYONE.

Clearly we're all robots. Robot slaves. Or something.

Raincoat Jed sent me this. I can’t actually think of commentary for the video. I’m that speechless.


And I also can’t think of a song that would go with this post. I was a little too boggled by the fact that she thinks that there was electricity in Africa in ancient times. I watched Ancient Aliens too, but come on.
And I guess if she, like a lot of people, wanted to move to Africa,, I guess. But maybe
stay away from South Africa.* It kind of sucks, especially for women.
*The “blacks can’t run a country” comments found on the Seoxys post are idiotic. Ignore them.