Aug 8, 2009

One Sixth of a Puppy

Written by Rachel, but posted by Mary, because Blogger was acting weird and wouldn't cooperate.

Are you like me? Do you have no clue why a complete overhaul of our healthcare system has to be done in three months? Welcome to the club! Membership is free, but beware: we are "extremist right-wing conservatives," so anything could happen. Let us laugh all the way to the bank with our "fat checks that were sent by special interest groups and rich people that are SCARED of Obamacare!"

Today’s rant was made possible by my inability to keep my mouth shut and fingers off the keyboard while browsing Please remember to keep your eyes open and your brain engaged during the reading of this blog. Remember kids, do not try this blog at home. We don’t want the SS (Secret Service) to show up on our doorsteps! All remarks made in this blog are the sole responsibility of its author and she is very proud of every bit of sarcasm that will drip off your screen.

"White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel warned liberal groups this week to stop running ads against Democratic members of Congress.

The powerful top aide to President Obama made his feelings known at the weekly closed-door strategy session of an array of progressive organizations, according to two sources who were there.

Emanuel’s request came on the same day that Obama himself told a meeting of Democratic senators that he didn’t like seeing dollars used by liberal groups to target congressional Democrats." [1]

Gee, really Rahm? You want your friends to stop making fun of the little blue dog puppets that you so skillfully direct everyday? Whyyyy?

Wow, Rahm, that actually sounds dangerously like threats. You would threaten your friends on the far left? But...they are your buds aren't they? Oh, I forgot. That is just the Chicago way. See, most of us don't understand your big city ways. All you genius cityfolk are just so slick, what with manipulating everything you can possibly get your pathetic little mitts on.

"Organizing for America, the president’s political arm, is engaged in an intensive grassroots effort to rally support for healthcare reform legislation, going so far as to air ads in the states and districts of targeted Democratic members of Congress. But the spots were tame, not mentioning the names of the members, and White House officials indicated that they were being run to give their allies air cover to support the legislation." [2]

See, the problem is that if you truly need an organization that touts the Obama brand like the Sierra Club tout baby polar bears, then it really isn't GRASSroots. Think of it more like WEEDroots, unsightly and popping up in between the cracks of a smooth operation; except our weed spray is the truth from real Americans that are sick and tired of fronting your handouts. The reason you need these little offshoot groups of losers to come and harass real people that are trying to restore real HOPE is because your programs are doomed to failure. Everybody knows it except your little bunch of idiots, and the other idiots that you convinced to go along with you this last time.
These programs have played themselves out around the globe, and not once have they proved to be anything resembling sustainable. They ALWAYS FAIL. But, I don't expect this kind of basic knowledge of economic history among people who can't decide if the U.S. is a great country or not. That is probably the simplest question that you could be faced with; or it was, before you people got your egocentric moneygrubbing little claws into us. These are just a few reasons why you have to recruit losers who are too stupid or lazy to go get real jobs to go out and spin your little pathetic webs of spit, so that all the newly glistening threads of bullshittery can be woven together by the Messiah Himself to form an "authentic" grassroots campaign.

"Democracy for America, the organization founded in the wake of Howard Dean’s presidential bid, is partnering with another progressive group to target Democrats and has tangled with Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.), who suggested the ads being aired against him made it less likely that a healthcare bill would pass.

“We have not heard from the White House,” said Jim Dean, the chair of Democracy for America and the former DNC chair’s brother. “The ads are part of a much larger campaign that we are conducting to mobilize one million DFA members to engage all congressionals – Republicans and Democrats alike — in various ways (meetings with staff, petitions, ads, etc.) to support the President's plan.” " [3]

And here is yet another example of the prime genius that I mentioned just two seconds ago. I am not making this stuff up people; in ONE article there are three organizations (OFA, DFA, and another unnamed organization) being mobilized to rescue the healthcare reform argument. Yet, I didn't need anything but my own common sense to get mobilized against it.

***By the way, I am still waiting on my check from the special interest groups and the extreme right-wing conservatives. Come to think of it, I never even got a stimulus check...

Personally, I love it when the democrats go after each other. Please, continue. Who needs the Libertarian Party (to which I am a member) to fight, when the moonbat liberals will just implode on their own! We need munchies for this show. So, who's gonna get the popcorn?

Seriously though, they mobilize troops (that may be literal before long, folks) to support this plan that was cooked up in one MONTH. They drive these people to rallies, give them mass produced signs to wave around and then round them back up when it is time to go on to the next event. In the middle of this little choreographed dance they do they also like to rough people up including senior citizens and innocent men handing out Gadsden flags. Yeah, you can’t be REAL Grassroots© unless you are a badass and knocking around the elderly and ganging up on unsuspecting people. Oh, or how about slapping people who don't agree with you? Wow, Shaft has nothing on these people--they must be the real badd muthas.

Here are a few more links of just such behavior if you are interested, and you should be, this could be your mother, father or grandparent next. These are mostly middle aged to elderly people who believe in their hearts that Obama and his health plan would leave them to fend for themselves, or just die. They are fighting for their lives essentially.

Human Events article.
And more evidence on YouTube.

Even the comments on the above YouTube video by "InModeration1" are threats toward an opponent to Obamacare who was just voicing his opinion.

Meanwhile, does anyone know what the members of that crazy angry right-wing conservative mob do?
They take off work (the work that pays for most of the lazy bums in these organizations), they make signs that aren't all that clever but are HOMEMADE instead of mass-produced, they drive their own cars to meetings and try to be heard like they deserve to be. Some politicians are making that more and more difficult, though. Virtual townhalls, phoning it in, one on one meetings.
People, that is not democracy. We have an inherent right and responsibility to confront our elected officials when they get THIS out of hand. And I have news for you lawmakers that are so appalled at this behavior, here's that vicious troublemaking mob you have heard so much about:
"It wasn't a mob until they showed up."
"Meet the mob."
And the man who was attacked by SEIU union thugs speaks.

If you had actually listened to the People in the first place and not gone against every principle that got you elected you wouldn't have these problems. I know the Messiah is memorizing. Why, I can hardly keep from barf- uhh… I mean staring when he speaks.
I will try to make this simple so tiny brains don’t just melt-- and that means you too San Fran Nan, God only knows what would happen to the environment if all that Botox escaped from your flesh… think of the Polar Bears!

*Serious voices everyone!*

The number of Representatives a state has is decided by the population of that state, while each state has only two Senators regardless of landmass or brain matter present (unfortunately on the latter). Now let us take the lame brother’s-cousin’s-ex girlfriend’s-best friend’s-husband’s-mother that no one likes to talk about … yes, I mean California.

The state population in California, as of 2008, was estimated at 36,756,666 (I didn’t make up that last part-though fitting). California is the most populous state, so it has the most representatives, currently numbering 53. Representatives are paid, as of January 2009, $174,000 - more for the speaker and party leaders. Can anyone do that math? Yeah, but California has lots of money, it can afford to pay these salaries to people who are already more rich than you and I could ever dream of being…right? But this isn’t just California, these salaries are nationwide. Oh, and did I mention that they get a cost of living adjustment (COLA - no not the Pepsi kind) EVERY year? When is the last time you got a cost of living adjustment? They are even eligible for lifetime benefits after only five years! That includes a pension, social security benefits and those primo healthcare benefits that they are so sure none of us need. They are dead set on believing (and preaching) that this new bill proposes a plan that is plenty for the American people, but they don’t even want to think about being on it themselves and especially not their families subjected to Obamacare! But wait…aren't they American too? Aren’t they subject to the laws that they write? Why, of course not! That would interfere with them being more important than us lowly constituents - I mean citizens.

See, this is the grim reality now: we are supporting these people FOR LIFE. And not only will they not listen to us when we try to use our inside voices, they say that we are an angry mob using terrorist tactics when we yell a little louder! Well, what else is left? If we can’t get through your thick skulls with respectful discourse and we aren’t allowed to yell anymore … Hell we might as well not talk at all. So that is what I want people to do next time they are at one of these townhall meetings. Don’t talk. No. Seriously, don’t. Here is what you do:

Cheer! Do you remember those lame cheers that the little blonde airheads did In high school? Bring those back! My personal favorite was always this little number:


Now maybe you can mix that up with a little bit of “WE THE PEOPLE” or “REMEMBER THE VOTERS” maybe even a raucous version of “CONSTITUTION”.
Fitting eh?

I still don’t know why it is unreasonable to ask President Obama to spend AT LEAST as much time on healthcare reform than he did when picking out the puppy for his daughters. For those of you that didn’t keep track, he took 6 months to pick a puppy. He wanted healthcare done in about a month. So, your health is essentially worth 1/6 of a puppy.


Jun 17, 2009

The Idiots: In Five Easy Steps

Folks, here it is. We are not only handing over the keys, but we are officially handing them over to lawyers and bankers. Yeah, that'sa recipe for good times.
"The Federal Reserve, already arguably the most powerful agency in the U.S. government, will get sweeping new authority to regulate any company whose failure could endanger the U.S. economy and markets under the Obama administration's regulatory overhaul plan."
And yes, we have found that everything Obama touches turns to gold, the fish are singing and the polar bears are cheering. People, COME ON! The gold is spray-painted manure, the fish are screaming in terror, and the polar bears don't give a crap, because they're polar bears. Do you really think they need more power? Do you want them showing up on the front step of your business the first month your sales don't meet their expectations? I am a business owner, and I can tell you quite honestly that if they show up on my doorstep they will have a traditional Southern greeting (note I didn't say which traditional greeting).
This is just another example of the Obama administration's love of Chicago mob tactics. If you aren't meeting the expectation (that they set) your business will no longer be yours. Your reputation will be ruined, you will have no business, and absolutely no recourse, all because you were deemed a "threat" to the US economy. Since when? Business is the backbone of this country, especially the small kind. As a woman who's Southern by the grace of God, I can happily say that unlike the rest of the evidently mentally challenged sheeple, I don't have to step in shit to know I'm on a horse path. And I assure you, this is one heaping pile.

Second: Finances are keeping him awake!
"President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that worrying about the U.S. government's finances "keeps me awake at night" and the country needed to start planning now to tackle soaring deficits."
Well you know what would have tackled the soaring deficit? NOT CREATING IN THE FIRST PLACE, YOU INCOMPETENT MORON! Let's see... We could not have spent that first 800 Billion that the other incompetent moron spent before you, but you had to act like a kid at a carnival and top it. So not only did you do another heaping round of bailouts, you also bought GM (and gave part of it to the UAW-great idea), put money away for socialized-universal-government healthcare that if it doesn't make us go bankrupt will kill all the sick, elderly and non-productive. Let us take a moment now and clap for the brilliance of the anointed one!
So let's examine the situation. You (and your predecessor) spent money that we don't have. You know we are completely out of money and operating in the red, but that's ok because it "keeps you awake at night." Meanwhile, you are gradually selling us to China. What happens when everyone finds out that we are not good for that debt? Yeah, that won't just keep you up, it will give you a migraine the size of Texas. I know of only one thing that might really save us. We need to get rid of you as soon as possible. Look forward to that crushing defeat in 2012, will ya? But before that, just next year, watch and look on in amazement of how many Senate and House Democrat seats vanish in front of your miserable face.

Third: You might want to duck the missiles!
"The Pentagon's second-in-command says North Korea's missiles could threaten the continental United States if the reclusive rogue nation continues to develop its weapons."
Well, we shouldn't worry too much. We do have the most sophisticated missile defense in the world. Oh wait...The Anointed One cut the missile defense budget didn't he? Damn, there he goes again, cutting us off at the knees. This is what happens in a lawyer's brain: they think they can argue their way out of anything and come out spotless. NO! Any good military person worth half a star will tell you that the best national offense is a spectacular defense.
Oh wait! What am I talking about, surely Mr. Obama has had military strategic training! I mean he did go to Columbia and Harvard. Well, his Columbia time taught him a lot about getting ready for Law School (they just completely skipped history). Lord knows that Harvard is one of the top Law Schools in the country, and they did teach him spectacularly well, because no one knows how to shred and manipulate the Constitution like Barack Obama.

Fourth: Look Out! California Crash Ahead!
"Speaker of the Assembly Karen Bass, a Los Angeles Democrat, said higher taxes and fees are needed instead of all $16 billion in cuts proposed by Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. His reductions would eliminate entire welfare programs and leave 1 million children without health insurance. Democrats yesterday suggested a $15 automobile license fee and said they may consider a 9.9 percent per-barrel charge on oil produced in the state."
This is how a Democrat brain works. They have spent, spent, SPENT for years upon years and never worried about balancing a budget. Now when the fruits of their labors are upon them they decide to punish everyone else for their own idiocy. This is similar to their argument that we must push global warming legislation because the polar bear babies are gonna starve. This woman wants you to focus on those 1million crying babies instead of the responsible citizens of CA that are getting kicked in the nuts (repeatedly). Why weren't they working to get people OFF welfare? Oh yeah, I know why: because if they did that, then there would be that many more votes to buy some other way. Sounds horrible doesn't it? It is! Welfare doesn't help, it enslaves people to the government. Welfare assumes that you are too stupid to provide for yourself or your family, so they do it for you. Republicans get called evil 'cause they want to cut welfare. Well, I want to cut welfare too! If you cut welfare, then taxes wouldn't be so high because I wouldn't have to support these people who believe that they are entitled to everything, unlike the rest of us. I am fine with the people who genuinely cannot work for one reason or another, but I am not fine with these people who pop out kids just so their check gets bigger. I am not fine with these people who get psych evaluations and pretend they are crazy so they can go on disability (and yet go to college-on the taxpayer dime). I am gonna say this once to those people: GET A DAMN JOB!
Instead of crying about the babies on welfare that won't have insurance. how about you stop rewarding people on welfare for having more kids than they would normally be able to afford. And please, Ms. Bass, don't insult our intelligence. We know you don't give a damn about those kids, because if you did, you would be trying to better their lives; not just funding their existence.

Five: Forget TV, Get Obama-vision.
"On the night of June 24, the media and government become one, when ABC turns its programming over to President Obama and White House officials to push government run health care -- a move that has ignited an ethical firestorm! "
Yes! At least now things will be simpler. ABC won't have to wait the whole 5 minutes (maybe) it would take to get the reports from the White House to parrot the President, they can just telecast from inside his house. Hell, why not call a spade a spade. This is a private news organization campaigning for the President. They don't want to televise any alternate views, so much for journalism, ethics, being an objective observer or reporting facts. People in journalism classes should be ashamed. They should be looking at this outraged, how one man can hijack an entire nations media and is using them for his own warped message (there was a historical figure that desired this above all else: Hitler). They don't report on the broken promises, they don't even mention the perils of this kind of massive spending, and they don't mention the fine print in these twisted programs that he is dreaming up. If this kind of thing were happening in Nixon's day Watergate would never even have made the news, much less caused him to step down. Imagine if the national media had just shrugged off the Monica days. There are scandals coming out of this administration everyday. Not only do we not hear about them from the mainstream media, but we hear them with the official White House spin on the story prepackaged and tied with a pretty bow. So not only is the mainstream media making sure Obama comes home everyday spotless, they make sure he smells like a rose.
And they say there's a "vast Right-Wing conspiracy." Riiiiight. "Vast Left-Wing thugocracy" is more like it.

Jun 13, 2009

My Big Fat Union Rant of Awesomeness

Ok, I know everyone has been waiting with baited breath for another blog. Rest assured: it is true, I have gotten pissed off again. I was/am pissed off enough that I had to ignore my ADD/OCD long enough to blog. Yeah. It is that serious. So now that I have your attention, let me call to your attention the subject of my pissed-offness: Unions.

This isn't some vague tale where I read articles on some CNN website, or saw a few random clips on FOX and was just SHOCKED how these cancerous little lumps could still exist. This is the tale of my father's union, and the stupidity that they have been and probably will continue to shout from the rooftops like some demented Juliet looking for her Romeo. I have interspersed that with some history and some common themes that are now occurring in the broad scope of unions.

Unions are a massive poison--a sort of toxin that infects everything they touch. Think of them like heroin. They eliminate all of the autonomy from the workers they "represent" in order to make sure that they are dependent (addicted), then they drain all of the money from the workers (junkies), and shift it to their own committees (the drug dealers). Sounds real familiar, now doesn't it? Meanwhile, the poor junkies down there on the lowest rung of the totem pole are simply perplexed. They rack their brains and still can't figure out why their health insurance is continuing to refuse covering their family, why their once envied pension plan is shrinking worse than the, uh, "package" of someone on 12 different kinds of steroids, and all the while they still pay their dues like a good little sheep because (as they were told by the union president) if it is this bad WITH the union working so hard for them, just imagine what it would be like without the union.

Recently my fathers union (the Boilermakers) enacted a policy that they resurrected from the 1970's. Basically, the policy says that if you fail to pay your dues for three months straight (even if you are out of work), you will be required to pay an extravagant reinstatement fee. They have already gotten rid of their "out of work" dues so that everyone pays the same, and even those have gone up the last 5 times they voted on it. Now, if the member can't afford the dues for three months straight, what in the name of hell makes these idiots think that the reinstatement fee is even going to be an option? Yeah, I couldn't think of an answer either. Wanna know why? Because there is no answer. They know this. Everyone knows exactly what this is.

I mean call me crazy (and I assure you I am everyday), but I take that as a direct threat. Not only is the union not representing it's members, it's threatening them (at best) and extorting them (at worst). I am going to take the 'at worst' version, because that is the one that I truly believe is going on.

This, my friends, is extortion, pure and simple. You may be familiar with this concept from TV shows like Law and Order, or maybe The Sopranos. Other people may remember a little movie called The Godfather (including any of the sequels). Just for the people who live under gigantic rocks or in caves that have limited American influence, I will get you some references real quick.

"1: The act or practice of extorting especially money or other property ; especially : the offense committed by an official engaging in such practice."

" 'Extortion', outwresting, or exaction is a criminal offense which occurs when a person unlawfully obtains either money, property or services from a person, entity, or institution, through coercion. Refraining from doing harm is sometimes euphemistically called protection. Extortion is commonly practiced by organized crime groups. The actual obtainment of money or property is not required to commit the offense. Making a threat of violence or a lawsuit[citation needed] which refers to a requirement of a payment of money or property to halt future violence or lawsuit[citation needed] is sufficient to commit the offense."

"Most states define extortion as the gaining of property or money by almost any kind of force, or threat of 1) violence, 2) property damage, 3) harm to reputation, or 4) unfavorable government action. While usually viewed as a form of theft/larceny, extortion differs from robbery in that the threat in question does not pose an imminent physical danger to the victim.

For example, Dan goes to Victor's place of business and demands monthly payment from Victor for the business's "protection" from vandalism and after-hours theft. Fearing that he or his business will suffer harm otherwise, Victor agrees to pay Dan."

Now take this last entry especially. Change it to Dan is guaranteeing Victor's job, insurance and even pension in exchange for payment, then all of a sudden Dan makes it nearly impossible for Victor to pay this amount. MMHMM! I had the same reaction.

And now we come to the history portion of our proceedings. Does anyone know why unions were created? Everyone remembers from history class when they were talking about how the big evil factories were using child labor in extremely dangerous working conditions all day long and paying about a quarter (yes, 25 cents) a day. That is the type of thing that lead to the formation of unions. They were dedicated to making sure that children were not abused, that people had reasonable work hours, that they had working conditions that were not almost always fatal, and actually got paid enough to survive. Here is a wikipedia article if you don't believe me. Wikipedia on Unions

Personally, I love the purpose behind the original unions, they had a noble cause. What they have morphed into, however, is an unholy abomination of the original intention. You know how in the movie "The Matrix" how Neo has to pick either the red or blue pill? Well apparently the union is now the guy behind all those television screens that are pushing around all the irrelevant players (the workers) and he is doing so on their dime--and a lot of the workers refuse to take the red pill, instead opting to remain as the "batteries" for the unions. That movie is a good metaphor for unions, because eventually the workers in the union do catch on, show up and break all the televisions. Nothing good comes for the guy sitting in the chair after that, so it is in their best interest to keep that seat of power for as long as possible.

Unions now do absolutely nothing. The purposes for which they were created are null and void, because everything they were organized to address is now regulated by the government and mandated by law (such as workplace safety, work hours, adequate compensation and representation). You have things like OSHA now. Wikipedia on OSHA
We even have the government to thank for pay regulation, that's what that pesky minimum wage thing is. Even healthcare and pensions can be organized directly through the company they work for (and if you wait much longer, directly through the government itself). And all of this regulation and oversight is taken care of in the taxes that these workers pay already such as income tax, property tax, sales tax, etc. So why must we still go on with this ridiculous charade of charging outlandish dues for absolutely no service?

I don't know either.

We are allowing these people an interest in our lives that they do not deserve. They are sneaky and underhanded in the dealings that they do. They contribute millions to political campaigns (WTF!?!). What purpose could that possibly serve? Are they trying to expedite the process of donations to those politicians? No. They are serving their own interests. They hand pick the politicians that they know will not limit them (and will in fact extend their power). They have no motivation to be fair.
If you notice, every candidate they drooled over is a democrat. There is a reason. The democrat does NOT represent or defend average workers. It is their job to represent the union. Sure that sounds nice, but given everything we have gone through already I am sure you know exactly how traitorous this is.

I thought they were supposed to represent the workers. They don't people, they haven't for a very long time. The only thing they represent now is their own interest in keeping their cushy jobs, inflated pay, and completely ridiculous vacations all on the dime of the worker. So next time your back aches from all those union bills and you reach for the Tylenol, how 'bout instead getting the gorilla (aka Union) off of you and away from your pocket.

May 6, 2009

Courage at a Beauty Contest

Catch up on the story!

The Question and Answer

Miss CA Respond's to controversy

When did it become a bad thing in this country - hell, in this WORLD - to speak your mind and stand up for the beliefs of your heart? When did we decide to go overboard on political correctness to the point of demonizing a 20-something girl for having courage in her convictions? I think we could learn something from this young woman. Even if we don't agree with her, what she did took guts and a level of maturity that it seems the entire country has not reached.

This is sad considering how nearly everyone (myself included) makes fun of beauty pageant contestants for that stereotypical, "world peace" answer. You know you did the same thing! So why now, when a contestant finally breaks out of that little box, do we feel the need to shoot her down at every available opportunity?

Some people would like us to believe that it would have been better for her to 'be a good little girl' and just feed everyone the usual line of BS that political correctness demands. Those people are of course the very same ones that were right next to me in line to take a swing at past beauty pageant contestants for their mind numbingly-stereotypical-shallow-idiotic lines about how "We all just need to get along, with smiles and giggles and sparkly unicorn farts, tee-hee!"

Pardon me, but holding hands and singing around a camp fire is just not my brand of fun, and I am glad that they finally found a contestant that could actually have an opinion and still maintain existence.

So my take on the situation is…

We have been silent for too long. And what has that silence gotten us? This is the fruit of our silence:
We can no longer disagree with political policy because we are called racist.
We can't tell a woman she is beautiful without being called sexist.
And, we can't criticize a certain senator anymore because we are called ageist.
What's the point? Yeah, these are awful things to be called and hard accusations to get rid of, but at this point who cares? I think the silence has gone on long enough. Can you even imagine where it will end up if we continue this ridiculous charade of political correctness? If we can't criticize the socialists, we're going to have a new Holocaust. If we can't criticize the people claiming that (insert any group) people are evil and should be killed, we're going to have a genocide. If we can't criticize the terrorists - people whom we know are just itching to kill us, our country is going to fall under severe attack.
We are so concerned with not offending someone that we put a gag in our own mouths in an effort to not hurt someone's feelings, and in the process, we sacrifice our own hearts and minds on the altar of 'social acceptance.' And it's not just social acceptance, it is the social acceptance of a bold and vocal few who have been using this era of political correctness to their own gain. And forgive me, but I always believed that America was about the desires of the many, not the disciples (and decibels) produced by the few. That isn't freedom, that's just peer pressure. Political Correctness is straight out of the halls of high school, and ought to have been left there. That's how it goes, the loud and proud misguided crowd offers the rest of us the forbidden fruit, and those who succumb to peer pressure take that bite that changes history - and the way things are going, it was one hell of a poisoned apple.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer you some advice: If you are doing things right, then you will piss people off, so use this as your gauge to how effective your argument is. The more furious they get, the more proud of yourself you can be (providing you are using a good argument and can actually back up your claims). If their only response is blind anger then you know they were incapable of responding with logic, and that is a good sign.

    I say this not as an expert in arguments, but as a person who has spent much of her life arguing with people, defending one controversial view or another, and intentionally starting flame wars all over the place.

We all have a right to have our own personal opinions. Or do you agree that someone else's rights (or fight for those rights) trump someone else's? The Bill of Rights is not a game of Spades! If you will notice, the girl said that she personally believes marriage is between a man and woman, and good for her. What she didn't say is that gay people are freaks who don't deserve the right to marry. So why is everyone so up in arms as if that is what she said, word for word? What she said was not offensive; it was quite a polite way of expressing an opinion that is shared with much of the country (evidenced by the recent votes).

We are apparently living in a time that is Freedom of Speech-Lite: all the substance of speech with none of that pesky Freedom stuff that everyone is so tired of these days.

So here is this woman who is trying to live her life by her own beliefs and not compromising on them - good for her! We could take a lesson on that, too.
Compromise never gets you the best. It gets you less than the worst.

So what we are left with is this new frontier for Free Speech and Courage: Beauty Pageants.
God help us if we now require beauty queens to make us realize what is wrong with this country.

Apr 1, 2009

Letter to the President

In the interest of full disclosure we here at the PMS Project will be posting the letters we have composed and sent to our leaders in Washington. This is one that I wrote a couple of days ago, under the news that Geithner will be asking for the authority to control wages. These days the government is out of control, and that bit of news sent me over the edge and into a rant, this is the result of that exercise.

Dear Mr. President,

Greetings from Alabama! I am a college student; it’s only in the last three years that I have taken a serious interest in what the government does. I have to say the previous administration disappointed me greatly, but Sir, your administration is making my faith in our government seriously waver. In your first 75 days in office you have already transformed the nation into something that will soon be unrecognizable. I find this despicable. I fell in love with this nation in history class when it dawned on me that for all of our faults and bumps in the road we still managed to be the greatest country on earth. I never wanted to live anywhere but here; that is, until now.

I am sure you have heard the phrase, “As easy as stealing candy from a baby.” Your budget, to me, does just this. You are stealing money that hasn’t even been earned yet from future generations while claiming to make life better for them. Your budget would enslave my children and grandchildren to your debt. I firmly believe this kind of budget is unconstitutional --- though your dismissal of our amazing and in some ways miraculous constitution makes me believe you don’t really care about that at all. It is becoming more and more apparent that the only real reason you specialized in constitutional law is so that you would know how to get around it and manipulate it even better. I find this kind of character loathsome in a man of your office.

Furthermore, your penchant for pushing through massive legislation that spends billions upon billions of dollars before anyone has a chance to read the entire bill is unquestionably unconstitutional. Not to mention it is a practice that ensures the public has no idea of what you are trying to do. Sir, this is beyond contemptible. Our elected officials are supposed to represent us, and in effect the citizens are supposed to be the superiors of the government. I realize that you have no real private sector experience and that fact may well contribute to your ignorance of how real business life works, but in the real America if you do something that completely changes a business without the permission of the owner of that business, you get fired and then sued. How can you in good conscience take the faith the voters (misled and foolish as they may be) that voted for you and twist that around in such a way?

I know you have immensely important things to do, what with your constant attacks on the people who question you and your guiding the unwaveringly faithful media in the direction of the fake news. But Sir, I do not see how the bonuses at AIG are at all illegal. If someone could cite the law that is violated, please? The people who were at fault for the problems at AIG are long gone! The people you are demonizing now are the people that were brought in to fix the problems --- they agreed to work for $1.00 a year, WITH the understanding that they would be compensated later on in the form of bonuses. That is not outrageous. What is offensive and highly dishonorable is your continual efforts to find a scapegoat for the things that are your fault and the fault of your cronies in Washington. Sir, it is very easy to look up who wrote the language of the contracts that included the bonuses. It was the people on YOUR staff. I am sorry, Sir, but you are a ridiculous parody of the kind of man that we need as president in these troubled times.

The most encouraging thing that I have seen recently is the breakout of Tea Parties all over the country. There are 4 planned in my great state alone. This helps me to remember that people are wising up, and it helps me to remember that your reign of terror may soon be over. I can not express how happy I am about that fact. I believe that if you had any semblance of honor and integrity you would step down from the post you won with lies and doubletalk.


Rachel (last name omitted)