Aug 8, 2009

One Sixth of a Puppy

Written by Rachel, but posted by Mary, because Blogger was acting weird and wouldn't cooperate.

Are you like me? Do you have no clue why a complete overhaul of our healthcare system has to be done in three months? Welcome to the club! Membership is free, but beware: we are "extremist right-wing conservatives," so anything could happen. Let us laugh all the way to the bank with our "fat checks that were sent by special interest groups and rich people that are SCARED of Obamacare!"

Today’s rant was made possible by my inability to keep my mouth shut and fingers off the keyboard while browsing Please remember to keep your eyes open and your brain engaged during the reading of this blog. Remember kids, do not try this blog at home. We don’t want the SS (Secret Service) to show up on our doorsteps! All remarks made in this blog are the sole responsibility of its author and she is very proud of every bit of sarcasm that will drip off your screen.

"White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel warned liberal groups this week to stop running ads against Democratic members of Congress.

The powerful top aide to President Obama made his feelings known at the weekly closed-door strategy session of an array of progressive organizations, according to two sources who were there.

Emanuel’s request came on the same day that Obama himself told a meeting of Democratic senators that he didn’t like seeing dollars used by liberal groups to target congressional Democrats." [1]

Gee, really Rahm? You want your friends to stop making fun of the little blue dog puppets that you so skillfully direct everyday? Whyyyy?

Wow, Rahm, that actually sounds dangerously like threats. You would threaten your friends on the far left? But...they are your buds aren't they? Oh, I forgot. That is just the Chicago way. See, most of us don't understand your big city ways. All you genius cityfolk are just so slick, what with manipulating everything you can possibly get your pathetic little mitts on.

"Organizing for America, the president’s political arm, is engaged in an intensive grassroots effort to rally support for healthcare reform legislation, going so far as to air ads in the states and districts of targeted Democratic members of Congress. But the spots were tame, not mentioning the names of the members, and White House officials indicated that they were being run to give their allies air cover to support the legislation." [2]

See, the problem is that if you truly need an organization that touts the Obama brand like the Sierra Club tout baby polar bears, then it really isn't GRASSroots. Think of it more like WEEDroots, unsightly and popping up in between the cracks of a smooth operation; except our weed spray is the truth from real Americans that are sick and tired of fronting your handouts. The reason you need these little offshoot groups of losers to come and harass real people that are trying to restore real HOPE is because your programs are doomed to failure. Everybody knows it except your little bunch of idiots, and the other idiots that you convinced to go along with you this last time.
These programs have played themselves out around the globe, and not once have they proved to be anything resembling sustainable. They ALWAYS FAIL. But, I don't expect this kind of basic knowledge of economic history among people who can't decide if the U.S. is a great country or not. That is probably the simplest question that you could be faced with; or it was, before you people got your egocentric moneygrubbing little claws into us. These are just a few reasons why you have to recruit losers who are too stupid or lazy to go get real jobs to go out and spin your little pathetic webs of spit, so that all the newly glistening threads of bullshittery can be woven together by the Messiah Himself to form an "authentic" grassroots campaign.

"Democracy for America, the organization founded in the wake of Howard Dean’s presidential bid, is partnering with another progressive group to target Democrats and has tangled with Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.), who suggested the ads being aired against him made it less likely that a healthcare bill would pass.

“We have not heard from the White House,” said Jim Dean, the chair of Democracy for America and the former DNC chair’s brother. “The ads are part of a much larger campaign that we are conducting to mobilize one million DFA members to engage all congressionals – Republicans and Democrats alike — in various ways (meetings with staff, petitions, ads, etc.) to support the President's plan.” " [3]

And here is yet another example of the prime genius that I mentioned just two seconds ago. I am not making this stuff up people; in ONE article there are three organizations (OFA, DFA, and another unnamed organization) being mobilized to rescue the healthcare reform argument. Yet, I didn't need anything but my own common sense to get mobilized against it.

***By the way, I am still waiting on my check from the special interest groups and the extreme right-wing conservatives. Come to think of it, I never even got a stimulus check...

Personally, I love it when the democrats go after each other. Please, continue. Who needs the Libertarian Party (to which I am a member) to fight, when the moonbat liberals will just implode on their own! We need munchies for this show. So, who's gonna get the popcorn?

Seriously though, they mobilize troops (that may be literal before long, folks) to support this plan that was cooked up in one MONTH. They drive these people to rallies, give them mass produced signs to wave around and then round them back up when it is time to go on to the next event. In the middle of this little choreographed dance they do they also like to rough people up including senior citizens and innocent men handing out Gadsden flags. Yeah, you can’t be REAL Grassroots© unless you are a badass and knocking around the elderly and ganging up on unsuspecting people. Oh, or how about slapping people who don't agree with you? Wow, Shaft has nothing on these people--they must be the real badd muthas.

Here are a few more links of just such behavior if you are interested, and you should be, this could be your mother, father or grandparent next. These are mostly middle aged to elderly people who believe in their hearts that Obama and his health plan would leave them to fend for themselves, or just die. They are fighting for their lives essentially.

Human Events article.
And more evidence on YouTube.

Even the comments on the above YouTube video by "InModeration1" are threats toward an opponent to Obamacare who was just voicing his opinion.

Meanwhile, does anyone know what the members of that crazy angry right-wing conservative mob do?
They take off work (the work that pays for most of the lazy bums in these organizations), they make signs that aren't all that clever but are HOMEMADE instead of mass-produced, they drive their own cars to meetings and try to be heard like they deserve to be. Some politicians are making that more and more difficult, though. Virtual townhalls, phoning it in, one on one meetings.
People, that is not democracy. We have an inherent right and responsibility to confront our elected officials when they get THIS out of hand. And I have news for you lawmakers that are so appalled at this behavior, here's that vicious troublemaking mob you have heard so much about:
"It wasn't a mob until they showed up."
"Meet the mob."
And the man who was attacked by SEIU union thugs speaks.

If you had actually listened to the People in the first place and not gone against every principle that got you elected you wouldn't have these problems. I know the Messiah is memorizing. Why, I can hardly keep from barf- uhh… I mean staring when he speaks.
I will try to make this simple so tiny brains don’t just melt-- and that means you too San Fran Nan, God only knows what would happen to the environment if all that Botox escaped from your flesh… think of the Polar Bears!

*Serious voices everyone!*

The number of Representatives a state has is decided by the population of that state, while each state has only two Senators regardless of landmass or brain matter present (unfortunately on the latter). Now let us take the lame brother’s-cousin’s-ex girlfriend’s-best friend’s-husband’s-mother that no one likes to talk about … yes, I mean California.

The state population in California, as of 2008, was estimated at 36,756,666 (I didn’t make up that last part-though fitting). California is the most populous state, so it has the most representatives, currently numbering 53. Representatives are paid, as of January 2009, $174,000 - more for the speaker and party leaders. Can anyone do that math? Yeah, but California has lots of money, it can afford to pay these salaries to people who are already more rich than you and I could ever dream of being…right? But this isn’t just California, these salaries are nationwide. Oh, and did I mention that they get a cost of living adjustment (COLA - no not the Pepsi kind) EVERY year? When is the last time you got a cost of living adjustment? They are even eligible for lifetime benefits after only five years! That includes a pension, social security benefits and those primo healthcare benefits that they are so sure none of us need. They are dead set on believing (and preaching) that this new bill proposes a plan that is plenty for the American people, but they don’t even want to think about being on it themselves and especially not their families subjected to Obamacare! But wait…aren't they American too? Aren’t they subject to the laws that they write? Why, of course not! That would interfere with them being more important than us lowly constituents - I mean citizens.

See, this is the grim reality now: we are supporting these people FOR LIFE. And not only will they not listen to us when we try to use our inside voices, they say that we are an angry mob using terrorist tactics when we yell a little louder! Well, what else is left? If we can’t get through your thick skulls with respectful discourse and we aren’t allowed to yell anymore … Hell we might as well not talk at all. So that is what I want people to do next time they are at one of these townhall meetings. Don’t talk. No. Seriously, don’t. Here is what you do:

Cheer! Do you remember those lame cheers that the little blonde airheads did In high school? Bring those back! My personal favorite was always this little number:


Now maybe you can mix that up with a little bit of “WE THE PEOPLE” or “REMEMBER THE VOTERS” maybe even a raucous version of “CONSTITUTION”.
Fitting eh?

I still don’t know why it is unreasonable to ask President Obama to spend AT LEAST as much time on healthcare reform than he did when picking out the puppy for his daughters. For those of you that didn’t keep track, he took 6 months to pick a puppy. He wanted healthcare done in about a month. So, your health is essentially worth 1/6 of a puppy.



  1. Great article but when I clicked on your link from Twitter, Google told me that your page didn't exist. I kept hitting refresh and it finally showed up. This kind of thing has been happening with a lot of good conservative blogs lately. Just a coincidence?

  2. Faultline, I would first like to thank you for officially being our first comment!

    Also, since PMS Project gets very little traffic, I doubt it was bandwidth--so you're right, there is a definite possibility that conservative blogs are being blocked.

    I took a look at your profile--great blogs! I know what I'm reading tonight...



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