Sep 17, 2010

Lisa Murkowski: Moron of the Day

Ladies, gentlemen, and whatever that is in the corner with the godawful shirt:

This is a RINO.

Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) has decided that because she lost her bid for re-election to Joe Miller, she is going to run as a write-in candidate. Chicks On The Right has a great entry about this.

Lisa, honey. Can we talk?

Not only do you look like Nancy Pelosi's brain-damaged twin, but you're a really bad loser. In this case, practice does not make perfect. Trying to throw off the race after you've been booted out is like stalking your ex after he's dumped you. Sure, he might take you back for a week--but he'll regret it. Especially after you set fire to his car. Metaphorically speaking, you've set a couple fires and the voters are trying to put out the flames. Also, you're nuts. That isn't a metaphor.

Thing is, if the voters have basically said that they prefer Miller, you need to accept that. Now be a good girl and quit embarrassing the rest of the Republican women. I can understand that goshdarnit, you really want that election to go your way because you need it and Daddy never did get you that pony and your therapist says you shouldn't mix Prozac with alcohol because it makes you wear gold-plated vagina weights as earrings, Oh honey, just no.

And for another thing, if you really feel the need to throw a pity party do one of those Lifetime Movie musical montage things where you pretend to be the Little Engine that could(ish), then you need an appropriate song.

Just my two cents, lady.

Listening to: Dip - THC

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