Sep 19, 2010

O'Donnell isn't a witch, but apparently people don't care

Bill Maher is someone I don't give a crap about usually, and I'll tell you why. Because until recently, I didn't really place him as being unique among the plethora of weasel-faced little idiots that reign over the airwaves. Once you've been revolted by one, you've been revolted by 'em all.

Now, our own lovely Malkin raises a good point: the blogs losing their minds over Christine O'Donnell's "witchcraft" comments neglect to take into account the actual context, which Michelle so helpfully provides.
Malkin further clarifies for anyone who can't make out exactly what's going on in the video, since apparently "having a discussion" in the world of TV involves talking over the other person as much as possible:

At 1:03 in the video, one of the panelists on the show criticizes O’Donnell for criticizing Halloween — “Wait a minute, I love this, you’re a witch, you go ‘Halloween is bad,’ I’m not the witch, I mean wait a minute.” She responds by explaining that she opposes witchcraft because she has had first-hand experience with what they do.

So, she tried it. She rejected it. And she learned from it.

So, once and for all: NO DAMMIT, O'DONNELL IS NOT A WITCH.

Maher making a big deal about her supposed witchitude is pretty hilarious considering that the left generally claims that they are the ones who are all about religious freedom. I have news for you: Neo-Paganism is accepted as a valid religion now--certainly not by everyone, but it is by no means persecuted on the level that most people, including many Neo-Pagans themselves, believe. No one gets burned at the stake or put to death for being Pagan, Satanic, or even a Scientologist. You can actually declare yourself to be a Jedi in the good ol' US of A and it gets friggin' recognized.

I'm certainly not a fan of O'Donnell saying she opposes Halloween because of what "they" do. You know what, she's allowed her opinion. And I'm allowed to think that she's unfairly lumping the non-crazy people in with the regular old crazy people. For one thing, you always get that one "Satanist" coven or whatever that actually uses some kind of blood. You know why? Because in every group, there is a douchebag. And usually, he's got friends.

The honest truth is that most Pagans and Wiccans nowadays celebrate Halloween with a bit of wine, maybe a little prayer, and some loving meditation focused on the memories and spirits of loved ones that have passed over. No blood is involved unless that's just how your menstrual cycle works this year.

What does she have to do to convince less-than-observant morons that she's not a witch? Maybe she should prove herself to be lighter than a duck.

Just sayin'.

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