Apr 3, 2011

Read All About It!

Hello, fellow PMS'ers. A couple of weeks back Mary and I decided to add a new feature to the blog. Since the beginning of the blog we have been concerned with what people are (or are not) reading. If you remember, Mary did a lovely piece on the growing problem of lackofbooksitis.

I encourage you to check it out, if you haven't. You can find it right here:

How Not to be an Illiterate Idiot

So in the vein of helping people with this dreadful problem we have come up with a solution: we will be adding somewhat regular book reviews of what we have been reading. Ideally I would like to include fiction and nonfiction, but honestly, I don't read nonfiction as much as I should either. The reviews will include a short overview of the plot (not revealing the ending), a short review of the strengths and pitfalls of the book with our general opinions, and will include a link where the book can be purchased.

This being said, we do suggest that you go directly to your local library as soon as you can. A library card is a much more economical way to go, and most of the time the librarians will be willing to help get you started on your literary journey.

This effort will be limited, of course, to our own preferences in literature. Also, some books that everyone should read will likely be excluded. Not because we haven't read them, but because it has been years since we have and even our memories are not perfect.

Now that all that is out of the way, in the next couple of days I will be posting a review of a book I recently finished.


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