May 17, 2011

Late Post: Unarmed? I'm OK with that.

While talking to a friend of mine, the topic came up that some libertarians are upset about the possibility that Bin Laden may have been unarmed at the time he was shot.

Quite frankly, I think that it’s a ridiculous thing to be upset about. Sure, I’m against people being gunned down. But in the case of a terrorist, I am totally fine with members of our fine military strolling in and shooting them.
Because you know the great thing about unarmed terrorists? You can make them dead. Then you can make them
more dead, in case they weren’t dead enough. And you can do it without dodging return fire. Which really just makes it easier for everyone.
Except them. But they don’t count, ‘cause they’re jerks. And I for one do not count jerks as members of humanity. Especially murderous jerks who think that killing people in the name of their whacked out religion is totally fine.

And as for that
Sharia-compliant funeral which may or may not have been Sharia-compliant, depending on which pissed-off person you talk to, I have varying opinions.

On the one hand, respect for other religions was at least attempted to be carried out in the burial. And I’m cool with that.
On the other hand, it was freakin’ Bin Laden. And if his corpse had been pissed on, toasted gently over a bonfire, and then fed to pigs, I’d be cool with that too.

I mean, his followers will probably just attack us regardless of what happened, because that’s how they react to pretty much anything. Radical Islam is a tuba that only plays one note, and that note has bombs strapped to it and is waving a charred American flag.


What’s irritating me most about this entire situation is more how the White House went, “We’re going to release the photos,” and then went, “Psych!” And before that, the left was just starting to go into full-on orgasmic shrieks of glee with wonder at how Obama had apparently been the one to bring down Bin Laden. Needless to say, their attitude has escalated.
I guess the logic there is that it happened during his administration, therefore it was a direct result of him being in office.
foam platform flipflops finally went out of fashion (partly) during Bush’s administration, but I don’t credit him with that service to humanity.

I mean look, yes, Obama is the president right now, and therefore would have signed off on action being taken to actually shoot Bin Laden. Which is great, and personally I’m shocked that he signed off on it at all, since a little part of me figured it would never happen. But the information leading to him being able to sign off on the operation in the first place would have come from the “torture” methods* from the Bush administration.
*Yes, waterboarding is terrifying. It’s uncomfortable. It’s psychologically startling, to put it mildly. But it isn’t quite the same as, say, putting a blowtorch to someone’s skin or digging out their eyeball. I can think up better torture methods while waiting in line for the ladies’ room than waterboarding. Actually, I can think up better torture methods while just angry in general than waterboarding. Al Qaeda would recruit me if I didn’t have a vagina. Or, you know, hate them.

But when you get right down to it, observing little facts like that would get in the way of hero worship. And I guess no one wants that.

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